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I Have a One Year Old

Jack is one!

Our little boy turned one on Wednesday. We celebrated with our immediate families on Saturday with a small party. On Wednesday, we had lunch with Chris, followed by an ear check at the pediatrician. His ears are fine, but he is fighting a cold that has him out of sorts.

Jack has moved from walking to running. He is even practicing walking in shoes. We have been exploring his Christmas and birthday toys. His current favorites are a toy drill and a set of bowls that nest and stack. He says Mama, Dada (and something that sounds a lot like Daddy), Woah, and Num-num. He nods his head yes and touches his mouth when he wants food or milk. Speaking of milk, we are still breastfeeding. We're also bedsharing, and we have no plans to stop either anytime soon.

This first year went by so quickly, and it was so much fun. Watching Jack grow and his personality emerge has been so joyful. There were hard nights and discomfort. There were times of disconnection. But getting to know thi…

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