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Minimalism...Not Just a Buzzword

Minimalism is in right now. And it looks different with each blog you read and each person you talk to.

Some people focus on their overall footprint for the same of the environment. Others minimize for financial reasons. Some people just want more simplicity in their lives.

For me, it is a combination of things. I want to take a "quality over quantity" approach to everything in our home. I want things to be accessible. I want us to use and enjoy our belongings. I don't want us to have a storage unit worth of stuff we never use or think about. I also want to spend less time cleaning and organizing and more time adventuring.

This all started when we put our house on the market in 2017. We were advised to de-personalize and declutter, so we did. And then we were under contract and started packing. And purging. For awhile Chris made trips to Goodwill once a week, at least. Once we moved everything out and were in our temporary home, we repeated the process.

Then, we lived i…

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