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It's a Whole New Year

Since I was late in posting anything about the New Year, I figured that I would post in honor of the astrological new year instead. Better late than never?

January was a challenging month. We got an obscene amount of snow at one point, and I didn't leave the house for a week. Jack was sick with a cold for a good chunk of the month, we celebrated his birthday, had houseguests for a couple of days. We had the most epically terrible attempt at a date night, which is really funny now but was definitely not funny at the time. And, of course, there's that post-holiday hangover.

I also felt awful for most of the month. I got deep into this funk that I could not shake to save my life, and I had a good feeling about what it was about--I quit taking any kind of vitamins months ago and I'm still breastfeeding, on top of the whole trapped-inside thing. I got back on a decent regimen and within a couple of days I felt 110% better.

So here we are in February already and we're halfwa…

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