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16 Months

So, it's been awhile. 
I never intend to go months between posts. I love to write. Journaling is my jam. But life happens, you know? Days go by in a flash and then suddenly it's been months. And I miss it. I used to write constantly, in my pre-mom days. Now it's hard to find the time. And reading. I can't tell you how many books have come home from the library, only to be returned when all six renewals have gone by and I barely opened them. Now, I'm all about the ebooks, and audiobooks. I'm currently reading Lies My Teacher Told Me (James W. Loewen) and listening to Pete Buttigieg's biography, Shortest Way Home. Both will likely make my "to buy and keep forever" list. 
Jack is 16 months old today! He is this amazing ball of energy and it is incredible to watch him blossom and grow. It's also really freaking hard at times, because he has big emotions and hates to be contained. But then, things click. Skills are acquired and adjustments are made…

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